Web Page

Advanced special responsive web page. Take Reservation, Take comment, loction, features Details, availabilty calendar

Advanced Calendar

Period Control, Period Options, Cahenk-ib Check-out Alert, Event Calendar.

Reservation Control

Detailed Reservation list, new reservation alert,                          advanced booking arrangements, guest information, booking financial information.

Property Details Setting

Rooms informations, prices, location, feturs, swimming pool and muck more editable feeds

Price Control

4 difrent currency, daily or weeklyf price, discount period sets, flexable price period, commison percentage, deposit, dowmn payment persentage and much more price settings

Live Contact with Agencies

Integrated live chat module to the system with instant communication from both web and mobile application.

Income Expense Control

to control income expenses of your rental vacation home from one point


Don't miss anything with instant notifications from both web and mobile app


Display sales and rentals with live graphics

  • Phone Support

  • Ticket Support

  • Customise theme and colors

  • Event Calendar

  • Müşteri Mesajları

  • Get Comments

  • Bedroom Salon Kitchen Garden Pool separate detail description and picture selection

  • Location map

  • SEO Settings

  • Google Analytick and google web master

  • special urt to property page

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